DIY Decorative Photo Magnets

One of my biggest goals of the year is to be more creative and to start doing more projects. I've never considered myself a creative person but I have seen so many easy DIY ideas all along the web that I have decided to try some myself. I decided to start out with a super easy project just to get started-decorative photo magnets. 
What You Need
-Photo pockets (buy at any craft store)
-Magnet Sheet
-Decorative Paper
1. Cut out the magnet sheet to match up the size of the photo pockets. Use a ruler for more exact measurements. 
2. Glue the magnets to the back of the photo sheets. 
3. Cut paper out the way you want. I decided to use three different sheets in the same color scheme for each magnet. 
4. Cut out the pictures you want to fit and glue them to the paper.
5. Fit into the pockets. 
Ha, super easy but it's a fun way to decorate and display some of your favorite pictures!