Friday, January 21, 2011

Happiness Can Be Found Anywhere

The last week or two I havn't quite felt like myself. I'm not miserable or depressed but I have just felt like I'm stuck in a rut. So. Instead of being my optimistic myself, I have been sulking by myself. In my bedroom. Basically being a huge baby about it. So, yesterday I took time to myself to figure out why I have been feeling like this and I came up with....

1. I am no longer fit and healthy.
2. I am stressed about my senior project, which I need to pass to graduate. The presentation is only about a week and a half from now and I havn't started the presentation part yet.
3. I havn't had much time to myself.
4. I stopped looking for the good in little things like I usually do. Like the taste of soemthing delicious, or seeing somebody do something nice.
5. I have been stressed about college.
6. I am bored with my hair.
7. I hate my new math class.
8. I have been so tired lately, no matter how much I sleep.
9. I can't drive.
10. I desperatly need a job.

So. Those are the silly reasons why I have been feeling down lately. I decided today to make a new list of how I am going to make myself feel better.

1. I have been excercising daily the last three days. If I keep that up and eat relatively healthy I will feel much better and refreshed.
2. I just need to work on the project for about half an hour a day for the rest of the week and then I will have half a week to practice the presentation.
3. I need to just stop. Take a breath. And take half an hour to go read or watch tv when I feel stressed.
4. Just open my eyes and see the happiness the little things can bring me.
5. I already got into 2 colleges, so if I don't get into the other three at least I have those two to choose from.
6. I am scheduling a hair appointment next week and getting a hair cut.
7. I just need to look at this math class as an opportunity to learn more.
8. Maybe if I eat healthier and excercise I will feel more awake.
9. Im taking drivers ed in March, so I can do this!
10. Whenever I go out, pick up an application.

If you're feeling down, I recommend you do this. It will make you feel so much better. I already feel 10 times better. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth


  1. I have been feeling the absolute same way! I really do like the note you wrote to yourself! Such a great idea!

  2. I'm sorry you've been down! But you definitely are doing all the right things to get back on track :) You have really pretty handwriting!

  3. I myself have been in a rut, and I might give this a little try :) In any case, I'm glad you're feeling better! You always do with a plan.

  4. We all have up and downs but it is important not to loose outselves. When I feel down I usually write notes to my self as well and look on We Heart It for inspiring photos and of course, chocolate ! :))

  5. ok look at you - being so proactive. procrastination can be dangerous so the "30 min a day" presentation plan sounds the best! :)

  6. i just re-read that comment....does it sound sarcastic? it's not!!

  7. Sometimes we all feel like that dear,hope you succeed in all your goals and feel better soon!

  8. I love the idea of this post!

  9. It's ok girl! We all feel overwhelmed every now and again, I've been feeling a lot like this recently trying to apply to law schools and feeling like every other candidate was far superior. Don't get so down on yourself! You have all the ability in the world to get where you want to be. Sending you hugs and the warm fuzzies girlie!

  10. very inspiring, i've been in a rut myself too..must be something in the universe i suppose. anyways, you're openness and willingness to solve the problem head on has definitely motivated me to do the same. hope your days get better soon!!

  11. I read the first part of your post and thought oh, poor thing! Then i read the second part and thought oh, she's an inspiration!

    Sounds like you've got everything under control, i hope you pop out of that rut soon xx

  12. Chocolate is a good one Julia! Haha. Thats definently a must have for me when I feel down.
    Don't worry Jenni, I know you didn't mean it sarcastically. haha.
    Im sure you wil reach your goals Ramsey. It just takes time. :)
    Thank you all for your sweet comments, you all make me even happier!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  13. oh I love that little quote/picture and hope you're having a better day!


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