Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Start of a Decade...Part 1

I have been super excited about this post, just because I simply love to rummage through old photos on my hard drive. In two posts I will show you how my last year went. Since it's the end of the year I encourage all of my readers to do a post like this!

I was so excited about a new decade starting! But I had very little time with friends and family because of "Footloose" Rehearsels.

I then sprained my ankle walking down steps at Footloose practice. I had fallen down the steps and nobody found me for like 5 or 10 minutes. It was tragic. Then I had to be carried to my car and taken to the emergency room.

And then I went bowling on my sprained ankle....
And hurt it worse because of how excited I get when I bowl.

I still had very little time with friends and family because Footloose wasn't till the end of the month. Also, my great grandmother passed away a few days before the show and it was hard to be excited about the show after that.

I found time to hang out with three of my best friends. This was one of my favorite nights that I have ever had. We goofed off, sang badly to music, danced badly and ran outside where there was tons of snow and it was freezing late at night.

And then there was mine and Derek's first Valentines Day together...

And the winter formal....
And then I performed Footloose at the end of the month! I can't sing, act or dance so I was just part of the ensemble. Haha.  And I got a lot of flowers, and took a lot of group photos, oh and I had to wear a lot of stage make-up.

I dyed my hair back to blonde!

I went bowling again, this time for charity. (Without a sprained ankle!)
And I played some awesome air hockey.

I had an 80's party where about 20 people came and only about 5 people dressed up in 80's clothes.

There was a "Sock Hop" at my school.
My little sister turned 11.
And then she broke her arm at her rollerskating party.


I had, again, one of the best days of my life with two of my best friends. And all we did was go out for ice cream, play tennis and go to the park.
I got accepted into Barbizon's Modeling Agency....and decided not to join.

Derek and I celebrated our 1 Year Anniversary

The month of my first prom (posts here and here), my 17th birthday and a day trip to Ocean City with Derek.

I think this might have been the worst month of my life. I ended up not being friends with my two best friends anymore and it was hard adjusting to life without them. Me and one of those friends made up recently and I am so thankful for that. The other girl on the other hand, I could never be friends with again. But, luckily it was summer and I was surrounded by a lot of people.

Again, one of my favorite days ever. I played tennis with my best friend where someone creepy kept watching us play, then we went to her sisters and went swimming and then talked and had coffee.

A walk around the country side with Derek after going to Arby's. Haha.

On fathers day, this picture of my grandmother, myself, my great-grandma and my mom was taken.

There were plenty of silly nights with friends.

Finger painting. :-)

I will post July-December this week in a second part. Let me know if you join in on this. It's a fun reflection of the last year. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth


  1. :) these pictures make me smile...and oh my gosh what a year you have had (well the first half at least i can say for now!!)

    that prom dress of yours is absolutely gorgeous...you two look so wonderfully happy together :)

    and hello red head!! you look so beautiful as a red head and blonde...lucky girl!!

    i can't wait to see the rest!


  2. I love all the dresses but that green one? My favorite!! Boy does it look beautifuL!

    Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

    I'm doing a perfume giveaway right now if you're interested!

  3. Thank you Jen and Lindsay! I loved my prom dress so much last year! I don't know how I am going to find one I like even more for this years prom! haha

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  4. love this post! so glad i found your blog - you and your man are too cute!

  5. LOVE this post! Your prom dress is so beautiful! :)

  6. hi!! thanks for your lovely comment!!
    I like your blog! What do you think about following each other??



  7. Aw thank you Ashley! For following and your nice comment. :)

    Thank you as well Ashley. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  8. What a fun post idea! I think I might do something like this on my blog, too. Great idea!

  9. adorable pics!

    i am your newest follower! :)

  10. Fabulous :)



  11. You should Ari-Audrey Onassis! It is so much fun. :)
    and thank you for following CarrieJo. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  12. Your prom dress is just gorgeous, and I keep smiling looking at your pictures, remembering my months too in this year!! Cant believe New year will be in couple days

  13. LOVE! Can we talk about how fab your prom dress is!!! Love it. Just became a follower! Come visit me!
    velvet cupcakes

  14. This looks like such a great year! And I totally have those same pajama pants with the rainbow colored deer!

  15. Very cute!


  16. Angga-I know! This year came and went so fast!

    Kate-Thank you for following. I will definently come visit your blog. :)

    Michelle-haha that is awesome! Those are my favorite pajama pants ever!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  17. Thank you Bailey! Haha, sorry, I just saw your comment. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


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