Sunday, November 7, 2010

Speak Now

Okay. So I have decided that I am no longer saying "I'm back" or "I'm going to blog everyday" because everytime I do I think I jinx myself. Seriously. EVERYTIME I say that, something comes up. So, I'm just going to post now...ha.

As most of you probably know.....
And, as my followers know, I'm obsessed with Taylor Swift. Like, really obsessed. It's kind of creepy, actually.
I admire her in so many ways.
I admire her talent, obviously. I also admire her honesty. It's really hard to be truly honest and I think she achieves honesty in such a real way. I admire her personality, and how she can both be down to earth but so so excited. And, I admire her fashion sense. Duh. ;-)

Here's a few of my recent favorites....

From and tumblr.

I'm really in love with the vintage look, oversized sweater look as well as the stripes this season. What's your favorite look this season?

<3 Chelsea Elizabeth

PS: My favorites from the album are Sparks Fly, Back to December, Dear John, Never Grow Up and Long Live. <3


  1. i love the baggy tops with the tights as well. and printed harem pants :)

  2. I love her T-shirt with Love Potion, how adorable :)!

  3. Those are some graet looks!!!

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  4. I know! the love potion outfit is one of my favorites! although, i really love the one shes wearing crossing her legs in the field.

  5. She looks beautiful in the oversized scarf, and then I think my next favorite on her is the striped sweater. She has amazing hair too btw...I spend 4ever trying to get my hair to look like that, and it never turns out quite the same...sigh....


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