Friday, July 16, 2010

RIP Valentine

Okay. Let me just start off with saying I am the WORST blogger ever. I'm sorry for the sudden hiatus. I really need to take more time to do this, because this is something that I love to do. Lately I feel like I have just been running, but I want to start taking a few minutes a day to do this. I'm leaving for vacation tonight, and I will be back Wednesday so once I get back I want to start this again. My goal will to be post every day that I am home that way posting will feel more like a habit. AND I'm not going to worry so much about getting comments and followers as much. I'm just going to post about what I want and take the readers that I already have suggestions.

But, I have some sad news. My hamster, Valentine passed away yesterday. She was getting pretty old. She was featured on my old blog, Beyond Flowers (, when I first got her on February 21, 2009. I'm really going to miss her. I know it might seem silly to be upset about a hamster but I ended up being really close to her. Some bad things have been happening the last few weeks and she was just one thing that was always there. I still have Eugene, my fish. But it's really not the same. At least she's no longer in pain. 

Here's pictures from the day that I got her. 

Here's a really good music video. It's called King of Anything by Sara Bareilles. It's such a good song, and it has such a good message! The music video is really cool too. :-)


  1. Aww sorry about your hamster.
    I feel the same about my blog, I want to post about things I'd like to read and not worry so much about getting comments etc

  2. I had three hamsters. And I was devastated, every time, when they passed away. I love hamsters and it's sad that they don't live longer...
    Rest In Peace, Valentine...

  3. Hi there..I have just found your blog and enjoy reading your stories. You do have a lovely smile. Sorry to hear about the loss of your Valentine. I have never had a hamster as a pet but I feel your grief and pain. I had cats, dogs, a rabbit and some fishes that died and every loss was never easy on me.

    Onto your post about getting comments and followers, I have just started my little blog and I felt the same way until recently. You (I also told myself the same thing) shouldn't let that ruin the fun of blogging or pretend to be someone else that you aren't just to gain more followers. We are what we are and if someone will not gonna like it then that is up to them. I will treat my blog as a diary and write whatever I want to write or vent. I have just become your follower and I hope that brightened up your day a bit :) Happy blogging!

  4. cute little hamster! and thanks for video, amazing!


  5. AWWWWW! RIP Valentine♥ She was a cutie :/


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