Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hello everybody! I am finally back from Ocean City and I had a wonderful time! i went with one of my best friends, Sarah. It was nice to be able to get away from reality for just a little bit. We had a wonderful time, it was filled with talking, laughing, the beach, the boardwalk, searching for attractive guys and more laughing. And the food was delicious! I got so much cheesecake flavored fudge from Candy Kitchen. It was ridiculous. Here's the "scope" picture me and my friend got done.

On the day before we left I ended up getting so so burnt and was sick that night from all the sun I got. I'm pale, what can I say? I can't take the heat.

While I was there I got two new babies! I got dawrf water frogs! Their names are Sydney and Sinclair. I love them so so much! Can't you tell? Haha.

They are always just floating around, haha. They like to try and bite achother and chase eachother around their tank. But then they will sleep and stay next to each other. It's the funniest thing.
And then today I went to the pet store to look for a lizard. I ended up not leaving with a lizard but with a little dwarf hamster instead! I wasn't planning on getting a hamster so soon since Valentine just passed but when I saw her I just KNEW that she was mine. She's my newest baby. :-)

She is so so tiny! She is less than 6 months old! She gets scared a lot, but I know it will get better for her. She makes me so happy. :-)
Oh, and her name is Julietta!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth


  1. it looks like you had so much fun and sorry to hear you got sunburned! i hope it heals. and i've always wanted a hamster so i'm dying of jealousy over here. it's adorable! :)

  2. i love your cute pets! i wish i could have some here at school! AUGH, to be home again! :] i just ADORE your blog.

  3. hey! we just found your blog! amazing! we're followers now!
    keep in touch?

    lots of love

  4. Those little froggies and the tiny hamster are so cute! Sorry to hear you got burnt.

  5. Glad you had a great time.
    Cute little babies.

  6. You guys look so cute in your flowered suits! Love little Julietta, she is too sweet! Glad you had fun! XO!

  7. I used to have african water frogs exactly like those!!!! They are adorable!!! I kept getting a bigger and bigger tank and he grew to be as big as my hand! Your animals are so cute :] Thanks for your comment!!!


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