Thursday, May 13, 2010

Leather Vest

Hey everybody! Sorry for the delay of posts! I have been super busy with classes, and prom coming up! Prom is this weekend! I ended up shopping for a headband for four hours today! I looked everywhere and it turns out my mom is just going to make me one. Haha. Is anyone else going to prom soon?

As a lot of you know, my real name is Chelsea Elizabeth. So I'm probably just going to go by that. :-) But feel free to call me which ever you want!

Charlotte Russe Sheer Top SALE $4.99
Macys Skinny Jeans SALE $9.99
Target Shoes SALE $7.99
Target Vest $19.99
Target Hat SALE $2.99
Target Bracelet


  1. oh I love that hat! So cute!

  2. Good luck with your prom sweetie! Have fun ^^. Can't wait to see the pictures.

    Hey, just posted my first outfit post! Tell me what you think.

  3. what a nice vest!I am also feeling a weakness for this amazing piece;)So I made it myself,but it`s not as nice as yours.

    you have a very beautiful name.

  4. that's a really nice leather vest !
    cheers for the nice comments :)
    have a great TGIF !

  5. I love that top! And what a steal! Charlotte is my all time favorite place

  6. so nice and great outfit!!!
    you're so niceeeeee
    pass to my blog and follow me!
    xoxo francesca <3

  7. CUTEEEEEEE! :) I love this outfit. THe color of the top is adorable. compliments your blonde hair purrrrfectly!


  8. Gorgeous, I love the colour of your top.

  9. what a nice red shirt! love the heels and hat too. perfect :D
    follow my blog and I'll follow urs! :)

  10. Thank you all for your lovely comments! :-)

    <3chelsea elizabeth

  11. love your hat and the colored top! x

  12. love the color of the top, it looks amazing (:


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