Friday, April 9, 2010

It's been awhile!

Hey everybody! I am so so sorry I havn't updated in sooooo long! I have missed this so much! Ive had a busy past few months! How has everybody been!?
Here's a quick outfit post for today!

Oh yah! I ended up dying my hair back to its natural hair color! I missed being my blonde. Haha. I also had to cut a few inches off, which was kind of depressing-but oh well. Tomorrow I have a modeling open call I was invited to! Wish me luck!



  1. good luck =) nice outfit, love the colours ;)

  2. Great post. Love the pictures and your blog is so amazing. One thing i would change though and switch the headband out for a single strand of a long white pearl necklace around your neck. Although its hard to pull of jewelry on lace, it would look great, while the headband does nothing for your gorgeous outfit.

  3. ooh! Love the shirt! Best wishes with the call!


  4. Your hair looks great! Good luck :)

  5. Hope everything went fine:D Love this skirt! And thanks for a comment:D You are my supportive side in US. I got visa 2day:D and I'm gonna see NYC in August:D Can't w8:D
    With hugs Rudziara
    Oh and new color is cool and suits you:d

  6. I love this looK! The lace and stripes go so well together!

  7. I love the lace and the skirt!(:


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