Thursday, December 17, 2009

Plaid, Braids, and Cowboy Boots.

Today was quite a long day, I had a lot to make-up work from missing yesterday. It's already past 10 and I havn't even started my trig homework yet. I have a problem. I am afraid my hair is going to fall out, everyone keeps telling me it will if I dye it every 6-7 weeks. That's what the recomended time is on the box, and I used to always dye my hair and it never fell out. I take care of it and I don't overprocess it or anything like that....what do you guys think? Have you ever had any hair-falling out experiences? Do you think mine could? My mom, and my my grandma dye their hair way more than me and theres has always been I don't know. Opinions?

My dog ran into the picture as he was sneezing!

My eyes always look really narrow when I laugh....

My favorite boots.

I have been looking at shoes like crazy lately. I LOVE these tie up ankle boots. I might have to get them if I get any christmas money ! 30 dollars is quite a bargain...


  1. very nice boots!!
    You Christmas tree looks fantastic and what a cute dog!!

    so jealous of your hair color! Its beautiful!

  2. I love that shoes... go buy it.

    Not to alarm you but yes, you will likely experience the falling hair when you grow older. Your mom and grandma may have started dyeing their hair later in life that's why their hair are still ok. I have friends, a lot of them, who experienced this phenomenon. They consulted their dermatologists and the culprit was excessive hair dyeing.

  3. in my opinion laughing should always result in narrow eyes - so much more genuine! beautiful pics, i love your boots x

  4. Great boots and thank you for the comment! xxx Camilla

  5. great boots!:) awesome heels! go for it:D

  6. You're so cute! I love the second photo - you look so natural and pretty.

    Where are the last shoes room? I'm in love!

  7. ^ and by "room," I mean "from." Sheesh.


  8. about the hair-dying thing, i used to manage a hair salon and i've been dying my hair for over 10 years so i think i can help a little.
    basically id say as long as you do it a reputable salon, which uses reputable dye (we only used l'oreal products), you should be ok. home-dying is riskier, i used to do it in my teens but would never do it again (apart from anything else, it makes a mess and you never get as even a coverage as a colour-technician would get for you). most salons will give you a skin test with the dye to check if you would have an allergy to it. my only problem was that after 3 years, my skin got over sensitive to the bleach we were using (i used to be white-blonde) so i had to switch back to more natural colours, baaahhh! still, i never had falling-out hair and never heard of anything like it in the l'oreal seminars i attended. allergic reactions to dye yes, hair loss no.

    hope this helped! x

  9. I love the outfit and I like hoe your eyes look when you smile! And yes I dye my hair black most of the time and when I turned 21 suddenly my hair started to fall out I got so freaked-out I wanted to cry I love my hair!! I did over dye my hair for like three months I think that was the reason, the color didn’t come out right, so what I did I bought mineral oil for my scalp at my local organic supplies store. And I bought vitamins for skin and hair and some other vitamins just for woman and I bout MSM for hair and nails. In two moths I could see so many baby hairs I was extremely happy!!

  10. hi dear. thanks for your comment. you have such a nice home. wish you a great weekend. take care.xx ediot

  11. nice outfit, my dear.
    and that dog is a camwhore. he knows
    how to pose.cute!

    p.s i've been thru a lot of hair dying and regreted
    because my hair isn't healthy anymore. for me, you need not
    to color your hair. you have a beautiful hair!

  12. great plaid, it's one of my favorite prints.

  13. I love plaid! & awwww HI DOGGY!

  14. love those shoes too dear ! soo cool !
    and your dog is adorable . i wish i have big dogs, but i just cant stand cleaning the poopies :(

    RE: my inspiration is from everywhere . im nt the person who takes a look from celeb/magazine and turn it into mine. i kind get inspired by wat i have in my closet.. i just mix match things there :D

    thanks for sharing this with us !

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  15. if the shoes are for only 30 should definitely get them..I don't think i've ever found nice shoes with that reasonable of a price :)

  16. your shoes are wonderful! as for the ankle boots they're totally chic. worth buying.
    your hair will be okey, don't worry about it. put the paint only on the part which grows again and on the other parts for a shorter time ;)

  17. Love those tie-up ankle boots!! And your dog is so cute!

  18. hi,
    thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

    I like your photos so much they are so christmas-y-sweet!:)


  19. This is so cute!
    Great boots are you wearing!

  20. Cute pictures! I LOVE your boots, they are soo cool! :)

    have a nice day!

    xo alice

  21. i luv u're boots n u're hair color so awesome....

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