Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just Another Resolutions Post


As many of you know, there are a lot of resolution posts being made! So here's mine...haha

2010 Resolutions (In no specific order)
1. Take photographs of, well, basically everything
2. Videotape MORE
3. Stop hiding in my room and go out with friends more, lol. (ive been lazy lately)
4. Remember to call people and to call them back
5. Only buy things i will actually wear.
7. Get my friend presents for their birthdays instead of just cash or a giftcard. haha.
8. Print out pictures and put them in an album.
9. Make a scrapbook.
10. Try my best at everything I do. (including the musical)
11. Stop judging others and stop talking about people.
12. learn how to play guitar
13. Learn how to sew better and knit better
14. Subscribe to Vogue and InStyle lol
15. Stop getting in petty fights with my boyfriend
16. Help my mom out with cleaning and such.
17. Get my license by May.
18. Get a job by March and save for college.
19. See people I havn't seen in a while.
20. Smile more, be less shy and talk to others more.
21. Catch up on Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer!
22. Don't be afraid of what others think.
23. Laugh more.
24. Keep working out and eating healthy.
25. Be the best person I can be.

2010 Resolutions for the blog (Again, in no specific order)
1. 50 Followers by the end of the year, maybe?
2. Update the blog layout!
3. Better pictures for the blog
4. Talk to my readers more!
5. Have a blog you all will love to read!

So there are my resolutions, not very original, eh? Haha. I hope you all have a very fun and safe new years. I am going to be at home making fudge then watching the ball drop on TV with my parents and siblings.



  1. Happy New Year Elizabeth... good luck on the resolutions. You can do them... just focus. Hugs from Manila.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really like yours! Your photos are great, and you have great style. Take it easy on those resolutions! Just live everyday the best you can and do things that make you happy. Have a great New Year and keep blogging!

  3. I love these resolutions. Some of these are mine as well.

    We can exchange links you like?

  4. I love Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer!!! Hehe, I think we could be friends :)
    Good luck with your resolutions, dear.

  5. Woah that's a lot of resolutions!! They're all good ones though, so good luck! ;)

  6. LOVE your blog, actually I am following in it as of today :)
    see? one more for the list, maybe your resolutions will come true after all lol


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