Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dior and Burberry

2 Ads I ecspecially like this season!

I always love the colors of the dior adds. The model is absolutly gorgeous and i love her hair! Purple and pink are 2 colors that are perfect for this.

I love the coloring of this ad, i love the jackets and the accesories. Also, I love the shirt tucked into the pants. I think the coats really just put everything together.

I'm trying to pick out a cute dress for my familys christmas party and I've narrowed it down to a few, mostly from Forever 21. Opinions?

All of those are from Forever 21, the next one is from Charlotte Russe. :-)

So many decisions to make, haha. Have a great Sunday night everyone!


  1. The red dress is great but the silver sequin dress is fabulous. Hard to choose, you have some great choices here.

  2. beautiful dresses !
    the silver sequin and red one stole my hard . cant choose between the two of them . bt the silver one is more show stopping i guess !

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  3. Miss Dior Cherie is one of my all time favourite ads!!! Love the colors- that pink is beautiful! xxx

  4. My favorite for a family gathering is the blue bandage dress. They're all fantastic, but there's a reserved sexiness about the blue one that I appreciate.

  5. seriously. how fun would it not be to have that HUGE perfume. wow. i'd like to have it in my livingroom..
    thanks for taking your time to leave me a comment. have a great ediot

  6. i would say the dark blue glittery 3/4 sleeve one or the pink charlotte russe one because you can dress both of them down for regular use and also dress the up for formal occasions-

    the blue one: black suit blazer/leather motorcycle jacket/shrug/alone

    pink one: black suit blazer/leather jacket/alone

  7. Humm, I'm truly loving the pink one (the last pic), it reflects classiness and innocence.


  8. I love that red one! It's totally reminiscent of Valentino!

  9. Those are adorable choices!! The red and pink dress are super cute!
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  10. Love the first photo, very chic
    X, fashionnerdic.

  11. The red and blue dresses are beautiful.

  12. Love that Dior ad ... And what a beautiful dresses you've picked!!

  13. That red dress is gorgeouuus! It will look fab with your hair :) Red on redheads is so cool!

  14. Since it's a family party, you don't want to be scandalas :) I love the red one for you! I think it would look really lovely.


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