Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Cookies

I am at home, sick-as usual. I love this time of year but I always seem to get sick at this time! My boyfriend came over today and we made christmas cookies together. It definently cheered me up and now I feel a lot better. We made chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies and oatmeal cookies!

We made 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies, 2 dozen oatmeal cookies and 4 dozen sugar cookies. Yum. :-)

Here's a kind-of-outfit picture from the other day.

I wore this top the other day with a pair of dark blue skinnies and strappy black  heels.

Now, off to get some more sleep-school tomorrow. I can't afford to miss another day of school.

<3 Elizabeth


  1. these cookies look so good! i'm actually in the mood for baking, too! lol i'm going to attempt making some fudge this evening to give to friends:) hope u feel better soon!
    Cleaning out my closet:

  2. Loving the buffalo checks. I can't wait for our bakefest this weekend!

  3. your blog is sssso lovely! i followwww it!!

  4. They are great!I am also veery in to cookies now.I really love your top,black/red plaid is addictive))

  5. It looks like you had so much fun!! Share some , remember sharing is caring lol! I love all your post I love your smiley face and your hair I just look the color it’s so unique and it goes perfect with your skin! Am glad the boyfriend came over and cheered you up ,I think that must be the only thing in boys mind “ how to make girlfriends happy” hahahaha!! well I hope you feel better and have a brilliant day!!

  6. mmmmm they look tasty!
    your rooms so cute :)

  7. i really like this red and black top!also the cookies!
    have fun and merry christmas


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