Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I love the new pair of boots I had gotten from my mom for Christmas! I wore them yesterday and today! Sorry for the bad outfit posts, but I've been in a rush the past few days!
Yesterdays "Errand" Outfit

Todays "Shopping" Outfit

Today my mom and my boyfriend went shopping with me. I had 45 dollars to spend and I bought 2 pairs of heels and a sweater-dress. I got one pair of heels and everyones calling them my "hooker" heels. I really like them but honestly, now I'm almost afraid to wear them to school! My schools quite conservative and they would probably think the same thing.....
I'm still going to wear them though. :-)

Sorry for my funny face. Haha.

Today was my moms 37th birthday, she feels that she is getting "old" haha.
Happy Birthday Mom!!!


Oh yah, one more thing. I finally saw 500 Days of Summer and it was absolutly amazing! Has anyone else seen it? If you have, what did you think?


  1. I really like that purple and black skirt you're wearing, two of my favorite colors!

    Oh and that cake looks mad :)

  2. I need to see that move sooooo bad it looks great but i dont know why i havent!! i love the boots god they are brilliant and black! and amazing love your post!! like always = -)

  3. i love both your errand and shopping outfits! and great boots :) love your funny face!
    and i have yet to see 500 days of summer. it's next on my list!!!!!

  4. HOT SHOES! I'd have that face too if I were you, hahaa.

    I love your purple and grey skirt- reminds me of Proenza Schouler!

  5. Happy birthday to your mom. Love your shoes...it's hot!

  6. Hello, Elizabeth!
    Thank you for your comment ^^
    I really loved the first outfit but what I loved the most were your heels! They are just AMAZING. I want ones too! But I probably wouldn't be able to walk in it xD

    Oh, and Happy Birthday to your mom :)


  7. ahhh i love love love that skirt you wore shopping !!! and nice blog anyway<3

  8. Oh that skirt you are wearing in the second photo is great!
    Those shoes don't resemble a hooker at all to me, they are cute.

    I really enjoyed 500 days of summer. The outfits Zooey wears in it are delightful..I also bought the soundtrack and it is really good too!

  9. Love your boots and that fabulous skirt!
    Happy bday to your mom!


  10. I've been wanting to see that movie too. I promised someone else I'd watch Inglorious Bastards first though.

    Love the hooker shoes. You should totally wear them to school.

  11. great skirt! and 500 days of summer is so charming <3 one of my favorite movies. joseph gordon-levitt & zooey deschanel are so cute.

    love your blog :)
    - Audrey Allure

  12. Love the boots, and your outfits, especially the first skirt!

  13. Wow! Love both pairs of shoes! They;re stunning:)

    And 500 days of summer is amazing!

  14. Thanks a lot for your cute comment, I really like your boots, and that cake looks so damn good:) Lucky mom:)

  15. both outfits are soo fabulous! and your boots are absolutely amazing!! i'm jealous hahaha :) see you in 2010

  16. I love your shopping outfit, it's hilarious.
    And your new boots are gorgeous.

    Happy birthday to your mom!

  17. thanks for the comment on my blog! i love my flip camera! i'm def making vlogs soon!

    i LOVE your dress in this post!! It's super cute =)

  18. I love your outfits! and those lace up boots ahmazing! thank you for your comment<3

  19. Amazing boots!


  20. I love your shopping outfit! The skirt is cute :)

  21. Ooh, i LOVE your shopping outfit and the higheels, gorgeous! ♥

    *happy new year*

    xo alice

  22. I LOVE your "hooker" heels! Where are they from? They're really amazing. My mom turned 37 too, and she also feels like she's getting old, lol.

  23. Thanks!
    I got my shoes from Forever 21, they wernt even on sale and they were only $26.80! I was so surprised!

  24. Those heels are amazing! Can't believe what a bargain they were! I loved 500 days of summer too!
    Happy New Year :)


  25. great boots and heels! :D hehe
    I've seen that movie. that movie is a bit funny at the end hehe


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