Saturday, November 28, 2009

Anxious Anxious Anxious

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I hope everyone is having a lovely day! I'm sad to say I havn't had the best day, although it hasn't been the worst either. I woke up this morning and wasn't feeling well at all, so I kind of just layed in bed for awhile then I finally got moving. I was supposed to go to the movies with one of my friends, then two of my friends were supposed to spend the night. My friend and I were going to go see New Moon but about 20 minutes into it I had an anxiety attack! It was so strange since I have never had one, but I'm alright. Anyways here's what I wore today, haha.

{Dress: Kohls $3.50 SALE, Leggings: Deb $5:00 SALE, Shoes: Wet Seal $5:00 SALE, Earrings: Wet Seal 7:50}

Sorry the pictures arn't too good. My nice Nikon camera had a dead battery, ughhh.

Anyways, I was looking online at shoes and dresses (as usual haha) and I found gorgeous Christian Louboutin boots and an adorable red dress from Forever 21 that would be perfect for my aunts Christmas party!

Ever since I've dyed my hair red I have been more attracted to red clothes, not really sure why.
Anyways I hope everyone has a good rest of the evening.
<3 Elizabeth

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  1. very cute outfit:D
    I'm loving those shoes:D

  2. thank for the comment!

    i love your shoes! and i adore your hair!!!! i'm planning on going red myself, can you suggest a good brand to use? or did you get it professionally done?

  3. love yoir outfit and that red dress is beautiful too!

  4. that dress is less than 4 dollars? wow. i need to move to the states in the near future.
    you are so pretty! i wish i had hair color like yours (though it would look horrible with my skin tone)

  5. veryyyy cute outfit
    and I hope you're all okay now :)

  6. Thank you for the comment on my blog! great blog, love those shoes!
    eugh anxiety attacks are horrible, hope your feeling better now! x

  7. I'd loved having red hair. only problem was the fading. Those Louboutins are to die for!

    juliet xxx

  8. you should definitely get those shoes and dress! i bought a similar pair of Louboutins last year and LOVE them!

  9. Love the Shoes and the dress is cute..Nice blog btw

  10. you only got 2 things from 8 hours?! oh my! hahaha. it's okay, i only got five things.. i feel like i need MORE. nice blog.

  11. I'm drooling over the shoes, they are sweet!


  12. that dress is so pretty. and i love the color of your hair. its so pretty. :)


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